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decoforme decorative battens interior design kitchen black half round interior battens gold tapware marble

Modern Design. Stylish Results.

DecoForme™ decorative battens are ideal for wall and ceiling applications in either a vertical or horizontal set out, creating strong directional lines that will add a striking feature to any internal commercial space.

Made from E–Zero MDF and wrapped in decorative overlay, DecoForme™ pre-finished decorative battens impart the realism, warmth, and character of timber, providing a durable and cost-effective solution.

A wide range of colours are available as follows:


All colours are supplied in a

3600mm length and are available

in the following dimensions*:

Standard Profiles:

A. 31mm x 31mm

B. 17mm x 38mm

C. 31mm x 65mm

D. 50mm x 70mm

E. 50mm x 100mm

Half Round Profiles:

F: 34mm x 17mm

G: 48mm x 24mm

H: 62mm x 31mm

Cove Profile:

I: 34mm x 17mm

*Other sizes also available as Made-to-Order based on quantity and lead time requirements

Matching edge tape available.

Matching melamine backing sheets available in 3115 x 1220 x 16mm size.

DecoForme end profiles sizes

Features and Benefits


  • A pre-finished product with no further finishing work required

  • Ready to fabricate and assemble

  • Supplied in COC, PEFC, Responsible Wood and Green Tag Level A certified MR MDF E-Zero substrate

  • Selected colours are also available in matching low pressure laminate and internal doors

  • Group 3 fire rating - AS/NZS 3837:1998, ISO5660-1:2015

Typical Uses


  • Walls - Decorative Feature Wall Panels

  • Ceilings - Innovative Ceiling Designs

  • Screening - Room Dividers and Partition Walls

  • Commercial fit-out - Striking Design Features

  • Retail/Restaurants/Bars/Hotels 

  • Limited furniture 

Limitations & Design Considerations


DecoForme™ is a non-structural product developed for decorative purposes only. Strictly for internal use, not for use in exterior applications including alfresco areas. Should not be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or environments of high humidity. Can be cut to length, however should not be cut in a lineal direction. It is recommended to protect cut edges from moisture ingress. Where DecoForme™ may be susceptible to high traffic flow, quality or appearance may be impaired. Wet mopping and vacuum cleaners may cause damage to DecoForme™ at floor level.


The use of our current colour samples gives the colour and finish that a customer would expect to receive. Hallmark Group does not guarantee exact colour matches across product ranges due to colour variation in each product group.

Care, Maintenance and Warranty


DecoForme™ is manufactured using decorative overlays. These overlays should be handled with the same care as a veneered or painted surface would be.


DecoForme™ may be wiped down regularly in the direction of the grain using warm soapy water and a damp, soft non-abrasive cloth ensuring care is taken not to rub or wipe too hard. Dry using a soft cloth so as not to leave any residue on the product.


DO NOT use any of the following on DecoForme™ products: Commercial Cleaning Products, Abrasive Cleaners, Scouring Pads or Abrasive Papers, Acids and Alkalis, Solvents, Thinners, Turpentine (Turps), Ammonia, Bleach, Acetone, Easy-Off BAM!, M.E.K. or any other cleaning agents containing organic solvents or the above mentioned products.

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