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Maximising Your Space: 10 Ways to Stand Out with DecoForme Decorative Battens

Updated: Feb 27

DecoForme decorative interior battens in kitchen interior design kitchen renovation white kitchen timber look kitchen island feature panel
DecoForme Honey Oak 17x38mm battens used by Interior Designer Margaux Word of Chroma Interiors in a stunning Devonport kitchen transformation. Photography by John Williams.

Elevate your home or commercial space with DecoForme by Impress Panels.

Crafted from E-Zero MR MDF or LDF, these decorative battens add texture, dimension, and movement to any environment. In today's design landscape, clients crave the 'wow' factor, and DecoForme delivers just that.

With its versatile application—whether horizontal or vertical—DecoForme not only enhances aesthetics but also serves practical functions. From architectural patterning to privacy enhancement and acoustic improvement, it fosters openness and visual connection throughout your project.

Explore the myriad of applications of DecoForme:

1. Kitchen Focal Point

Transform your island bench into a captivating centrepiece, infusing warmth and texture into your kitchen.

Kitchen island DecoForme battens feature interior design

2. Ceiling Accents

Add depth and intimacy to your space, highlighting cabinetry or creating a cozy ambiance.

Ceiling battens architectural feature, timber wall panel

3. Wall Enhancements

Embrace design trends by using DecoForme as feature walls or seamless transitions between rooms.

decorative decoforme battens wall panel wooden panel feature wall bedroom and office spaces

4. Architectural Screens

Strike the perfect balance between privacy and openness with stylish partitions.

Stylish architectural screens using timber look DecoForme partition

5. Grand Entrances

Make a lasting impression by adorning entryways with DecoForme, exuding beauty and grandeur.

Grand entrances using DecoForme battens in commercial interior design setting and show home

6. Staircase Garnishes

Elevate your stairs with flair and connectivity to lower floors.

Staircase with feature wall of decorative battens

7. Embrace Curves

Soften spaces and enhance visual flow with curved designs complemented by DecoForme.

Kitchen Island with curved feature decoforme wood panel using curved battens

8. Striking Lines

Create captivating linear patterns on walls or joinery, adding depth to your space.

Timber batten feature wall around fireplace and in commercial office

9. Adorning Joinery

Enhance high-end joinery with the luxurious texture of DecoForme battens.

DecoForme Battens used to enhance joinery such as board room table, front reception desk and built-in window seat

10. Creative Concealment

Use DecoForme to enhance your design or conceal elements creatively, adding interest to columns or seating nooks.

creative use of DecoForme battens to create eye catching designs

DecoForme offers endless design possibilities with twelve color options and various profiles. Its pre-finished nature eliminates manufacturing costs, making it a cost-effective solution for your projects. Installation is fast and uncomplicated, helping project managers save time and alleviate cost pressures.

Discover the versatility and beauty of DecoForme battens today and elevate your spaces to new heights of sophistication and style.


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